Success! High fives all around!


What should I say?

Tell me a story! I love stories. Or a joke. Or a job offer, I really love those. Almost as much as stories. 


Will you respond to me?

Probably! I love connecting with fellow humans so as long as you keep it fairly decent and follow Wil Wheaton's "Don't be a dick!" motto. Those are my two rules and if you heed them there will most likely be a response in your future! Oh and try to say more than just "hi," because I don't...I don't know what to do with that.

Are you going to do Smosh again?

This is a common ponderance and my answer is- Hopefully! I really dig working with Smosh but I no longer live where they shoot. So if they ask me I'm there, but it costs a lot of money to travel out of town actors, just so's ya knows. I always count myself very lucky when they have me as a guest.

Are you going to do anymore Brittni's Book Boner Bistro?

I don't rightly know. Would you like me to? Send me a message about that if you're into it. Right now I'm reading Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer. So money. Not that you asked. No one ever does (choke sob). 

What are some words to live by?

"Namaspay and neuter your pets." Because I love yoga and population control. 


Were you unable to think of a 6th frequently asked question even though that's what the website template recommends?

Nailed it.